Final Concept and Rough Draft



Story of interpersonal relationships told through 3 conversations over 3 meals in one day.

Outline of Events

alt text alt text

Digital Presentation

I want to try using instagram’s list view as a way to display and read comics. I chose this because I also want to incorporate actual photographs of the food in a way that the reader is already familiar with. As the reader scrolls down on the account I will make for this comic, they will be able to read the story.

Sample of panel layout: alt text

I want the illustrated panels to showcase the surrounding neighborhood and restaurant interiors so I will have many moment to moment transitions. I’m still undecided on what style to do the illustrated panels in. I’m considering hand drawing and then scanning into illustrator to finish + add text. But I might also want to try drawing digitally for the first time? Maybe I will use photographs that are muted for all the backgrounds and just draw the people.

Written on February 27, 2018