Spatial Augmented Experience


I’ve been sick for the past month which really reduced my appetite. This made me sad since eating meals is usually one the highlights of my day. So, I decided to augment a plate with a projection of food. I thought I could simulate some of the enjoyable aspects of eating a meal such as sitting in front of a delicious looking plate without having to actually eat it. alt text


I started by finding a video with soondubu jjigae (soft tofu stew) in it. I downloaded this one off of youtube and added a mask around the dish.

Then I connected the projector (aaxa android led projector) and tested on different plates and bowls. alt text alt text I settled on the white porcelain plate because it was white colored and has a flat surface which allowed for the projection to show up and not be distorted. It would make more sense if the stew was projected onto a bowl so in an ideally I would have a flat white paper fit to the top opening of a bowl or pot. This experience is not interactive. If I had a motion sensor, I could change the video to show less stew after the user moves a spoon over it, simulating eating.

Video Documentation

Part 2: Animation Representation of Myself

alt text

Written on January 30, 2018