Model Rigging


alt text The process was pretty straightforward from watching the videos. My 3D scan texture was not super clean and has some holes so I will have to go back and clean it up in Photoshop later.

After wrapping in Wrap3 using the provided pipeline: alt text alt text

Rigging in Mixamo was really straightforward. It looked really funny watching my avatar do the animations since most of them are so exaggerated. alt text

Reading Discussion

It kind of disturbed me that in the breast physics article the male animator suggested male animators to look at porn to see how breasts move. How would referencing other hyperreal, exaggerated visuals help him achieve more ‘realistic’ breast movements? Also why run the animations by some women if exaggerated animations are a ‘net-positive’ for ‘some people’? They could just focus on their core audience and forget about what women that exist think. It is interesting that social media fembots like Kylie Jenner ‘play off our anxieties that women are fake’, because their popularity is due to them being able to sell a complete fantasy. Why are we obsessed with perfection in fantasy but also afraid of it?

Written on September 25, 2018