Soundwalk Project Reflection


It was interesting to see how people reacted to the soundwalk for the first time. I think the strongest element was the obscure location and the cues leading to it. People seemed to become satisfied when they realized they were able to find the location. As brought up in class, the ending of the piece could have been more complete. The original concept was that the elevator ride was a return to ‘the real world’ have the loud street sounds build up as people exited onto the street. The timing of the elevator arriving earlier in practice than in the recording could have messed people up; the distant headphone music was supposed to play while traveling in the elevator. This concept probably relied too heavily on the timing of the unpredictable elevator. We could have added another door sound at the end to really signal that people were suppoed to exit through the door.

Assel and I had a hard time coming up with a concept for our walk at first. However, after exploring the stairways of the building and discovering interested locations, it became easier. After figuring out the path we wanted people to walk in, the project pretty much fell into place. We split up the editing: I did the timing/structure of the voice cues and overall sections, Assel did sound effects, noises and finetuned the structure. We then met again and reviewed the final piece. Overall, I think our final piece mostly had the effect we wanted.

Written on September 28, 2017