3D Print Final: Sketches


My concept is to 3d print sunglass frames. I do not necessarily have to be able to fit in ready made lenses (this is so my frame design can be more unconventional). I want to use metal temples and nose bridge so that the frame is more sturdy.

I wanted to make frames that had a wavy design and looked like they were melting. I originally thought I would have a thick 3D printed plastic frame. While looking online for examples of 3D printed glasses, I found this work by Noy Biri.

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I liked the deconstructed forms of the frames. However, I still wanted to have irregular and assymetrical shaped lenses. I then decided to have a thinner, “normal” width for the frames. alt text

I will finalize the shape of the frames while making an outline on illustrator. I will then check for size and balance by lazercutting the outline and measuring against my face.

Written on October 15, 2017