Shoelace Traffic Cone


alt text My concept was to design something that fits around my shoelaces. My shoelaces are round and the tip has a diameter of 2.7 mm. I thought that this would be a safe idea for my first 3d prints ever since they are so small and won’t take too long to print in case I mess up.

I modeled the traffic cone using a truncated cone and box. alt text

Printing process using Ultimaker 2+ with 0.4 mm nozzle: alt text alt text

After trying to fit the print on my shoelace, I realized the hole at the top was too small. I had made it 3 mm which did not give enough leeway for the shoelace to actually fit through. I then adjusted my model to fit, as well as changed the design to make it look more like a traffic cone. alt text

Comparison of first design (right) and second (left): alt text

alt text alt text

I then experimented with changing the material to a different colored one. It didn’t work that well since some left over material from the orange was still in the tip. alt text

Written on October 1, 2017