Multiples: Chain Jewelry


I had strict time constraints this week for traveling for materials, learning skills, and constructing the objects, so I had to design my project around this scope. The objects had to be identical as per the assignment instructions; in addition, I wanted them to be able to combine together and work as well as function singularly.

I designed my jewelry pieces around the raw materials I had: several different kinds of chain and clip hardware in 2 sizes. alt text alt text

I wanted to connect links of different kinds of chain in the same metal finish for an interesting look. To open and close the chain links to connect them, I used different sizes of pliers. I started with the smaller pliers and found that I had to use the heavier pliers with the thicker metal chain. I mainly used the heavy pliers to close links. alt text

Since I had already chosen the amount of links I wanted to use of each kind of chain and the order they would be connected in, my strategy was to start at the small clip, connect the first chain, count the links (10) and unhook it from the rest of the chain. Then, move onto the next small clip. To minimize the number of chain links I actually had to open and close, I would count 10 links and then open the 11th link. I could then hook that 11th link to the next small clip and close it. alt text

After doing all 5, I would move onto the next kind of chain. I repeated this for the 3rd kind of chain, except I also had to open the last link to attach it to the large clip. alt text

All 5 of the chains finished: alt text

Styled as a bracelet in 2 ways: alt text

I then connected them all to each other to make a necklace. It could also be used as a belt. alt text

Final thoughts: All of my pieces were pretty much identical. I did struggle with being able to open the thicker links without scratching the surface of the metal with the heavy pliers. Design wise, I found the large clip to be really bulky and not that great for delicate jewelry for wrists and necks. I would change it to a medium sized clip if I had any at the time or small o-rings if I had 5 of the same size.

Written on September 21, 2017