Intro to PComp Final: Proposal


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Not My Turn to Speak

My final idea is to create a “wearable” that reacts to myself and people around me. I want to fabricate a headpiece based on a theatre curtain. A headband will support a metal track around the my head. The curtain will be attached to this track. There will be 2 directional microphones, one pointed at me (the wearer) and one pointed away. When the I speak, the curtain will close over my face, muffling my voice. If the fabric is not enough to muffle my voice, I may have speakers start to play music. When someone speaks to me, the curtain will open, allowing people to look at me and speak to me.

Interaction Demonstration

Someone else speaking to me

alt text

Me speaking

alt text


I’m looking at examples of simple motorized curtains with Arduino as well as professional home curtain systems. I want my track to be circular so I will probably have to use a belt on a curved track. The fabric will be attached to parts of the belt.

Running list of Materials

  • Arduino Uno
  • microphones - 2
  • servo
  • rubber belt
  • headpiece - plastic headband, track (metal?)
  • belt attachments for curtain
  • fabric curtains
  • battery power source
Written on November 13, 2017