Final Update


Loading Screens

I want to have loading screens when entering the app, going in to a altar, and going out of the altar. The loading screens will have the fictional company that runs this app’s logo and catchphrases. It will also have some tips for users on what they can do similar to loading screens in games and websites.

  • possible ‘company’ names
    • ritual
    • shrIne
  • possible messages
    • the premier app for ancestor veneration powered by users like you
    • eternity at a swipe
    • ads to purchase hosting power ups for you relatives

The Basic Altar

Altars are designed around a standard. Each will have the basic components that are then changed based on the ‘data’ of the diseased person. These basic components will always be there, though their appearance may be altered.

  • the mantle itself
  • avatar of diseased person that sits on top of mantle
  • floating text of person’s name, date of birth and date of death
  • basic candles
  • basic food (fruits and grain product)

Character Profiles

I’m making 3 different altars that represent some possible graves on the app. For each altar, I’m writing a profile for the person that supposedly had their data collected to generate the grave. This profile contains a summary of the person, the data available about them, and the 3d assets I want to include in their altar.

My Grandmother

All ‘data’ was collected after the advent of the internet, therefore the portrait presented isn’t indicative of her entire life (in China). There is no physical data about her collected during her lifetime as she never used a VR headset.

Middle aged man with no prospects

Altar is at it’s basic state. No one visits or pays their respects.

Famous celebrity

Very detailed, colorful. Visitors are majority fans that leave flowers, gifts, and kiss marks.

Written on April 11, 2018