Digital Amulet Part One: Board Design and Fabrication


This project was a combination of my finals for Homemade Hardware and Electronic Rituals. While reading personal posts on instagram, I realized that I often commented the phrase ‘sending love’ when I wanted to show my support for that person. In a way, through our connections on social media, we give each other protection and support. An amulet is an item that traditionally gives its wearer protection and good luck. I wanted to make an amulet that received its power through the internet.

Schematic and Board Design

alt text alt text

Parts List


After the board was milled and reflowed alt text

Airwire on the back of the board alt text

Battery holder soldered on alt text

Acrylic overlay cut out and installed alt text

Link to part 2 about the programming of the board

Written on April 28, 2018