Reverse Engineering a Bookmarklet

I tried to reverse engineer this Page Zipper bookmarklet. This is the original code I got from copy pasting the bookmarklet:

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Final Update

Loading Screens

I want to have loading screens when entering the app, going in to a altar, and going out of the altar. The loading screens will have the fictional company that runs this app’s logo and catchphrases. It will also have some tips for users on what they can do similar to loading screens in games and websites.

  • possible ‘company’ names
    • ritual
    • shrIne
  • possible messages
    • the premier app for ancestor veneration powered by users like you
    • eternity at a swipe
    • ads to purchase hosting power ups for you relatives
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Computer Generated Randomness

I struggled to think of an idea for how to seed my random function. My first idea was to use MTA data on whether a train was late or not when I read that trains are ontime only 58% of the time which is almost like flipping a coin. However, I had trouble getting the data and I didn’t want to spend the majority of the time figuring out MTA’s api. I may use this for a future project. So I decided to implement psuedo-randomness using my local system time. I wanted to see how often and when it would feel like I’m cycling through the same values.

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Final Concept: Treatment

Artist’s Statement

A virtual graveyard generated by the data collected from people while they were alive. This app exists in the theoretical future where VR is ubiquitous for users to visit and remember their loved ones.

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Midterm: Neopixel Earring

alt text I made a battery powered earing with neopixels. My goal for this assignment was to learn how to use surface mount components so I kept the design and functionality simple.

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Marquee PCBs

alt text For the marquee, I was assigned the letter ‘i’. I designed the letter board and changed the sensor board since my last post. The new sensor board is based on Andy’s; I only changed the sensor headers from 2 pins to 3 to fit a potentiometer.

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Daily Diary: February 8th to 12th

Daily diary entries from the week of February 8th to 12th. Each entry was made before sleeping or after waking up the next morning. Divided into following sections from top left going clockwise: Did, Saw, Image of myself, Heard.

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Daily Diary: January 30th to February 5th

Daily diary entries from the week of January 30th to February 5th. Each entry was made before sleeping or after waking up the next morning. Divided into following sections from top left going clockwise: Did, Saw, Image of myself, Heard.

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Spatial Augmented Experience

I’ve been sick for the past month which really reduced my appetite. This made me sad since eating meals is usually one the highlights of my day. So, I decided to augment a plate with a projection of food. I thought I could simulate some of the enjoyable aspects of eating a meal such as sitting in front of a delicious looking plate without having to actually eat it. alt text

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Daily Diary: January 23rd to 29th

Daily diary entries from the week of January 23rd to the 29th. Each entry was made before sleeping or after waking up the next morning. Divided into following sections from top left going clockwise: Did, Saw, Image of myself, Heard.

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Intro to PComp Final: Proposal

alt text

Not My Turn to Speak

My final idea is to create a “wearable” that reacts to myself and people around me. I want to fabricate a headpiece based on a theatre curtain. A headband will support a metal track around the my head. The curtain will be attached to this track. There will be 2 directional microphones, one pointed at me (the wearer) and one pointed away. When the I speak, the curtain will close over my face, muffling my voice. If the fabric is not enough to muffle my voice, I may have speakers start to play music. When someone speaks to me, the curtain will open, allowing people to look at me and speak to me.

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3D Print Final: New Concept and Models

After thinking about how to make my glasses frames more 3-dimensional, I decided to change my concept and 3d print fake press-on nails. I’m doing this because I used to have really long natural nails that I painted every week. My nails have broken from doing physical work and are crusty from not having time to do them because of ITP. Ideally, I want to make the fake nails fit over my short natural nails so I will need to make around 5 different sizes.

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3D Print Final: Sketches

My concept is to 3d print sunglass frames. I do not necessarily have to be able to fit in ready made lenses (this is so my frame design can be more unconventional). I want to use metal temples and nose bridge so that the frame is more sturdy.

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Paper and Metal Diamond Ring

I wanted to use paper and metal wire to create a design inspired by a diamond ring. I used paper for the gem stone part and metal as the holder/jewelry part. Figuring out the process and design took me a long time and many tries. Basically, I learned that I hate working with paper and I’m really bad at soldering.

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Arizona Speaker

alt text I made an Arizona can into a speaker. I wanted to be able to hold the can like I would normally hold an Arizona while also playing music on it! Since this assignment focused on enclosures (and not whatever’s inside), I took apart a cheap store bought rechargable bluetooth speaker and used its components.

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Shoelace Traffic Cone

alt text My concept was to design something that fits around my shoelaces. My shoelaces are round and the tip has a diameter of 2.7 mm. I thought that this would be a safe idea for my first 3d prints ever since they are so small and won’t take too long to print in case I mess up.

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Soundwalk Project Reflection

It was interesting to see how people reacted to the soundwalk for the first time. I think the strongest element was the obscure location and the cues leading to it. People seemed to become satisfied when they realized they were able to find the location. As brought up in class, the ending of the piece could have been more complete. The original concept was that the elevator ride was a return to ‘the real world’ have the loud street sounds build up as people exited onto the street. The timing of the elevator arriving earlier in practice than in the recording could have messed people up; the distant headphone music was supposed to play while traveling in the elevator. This concept probably relied too heavily on the timing of the unpredictable elevator. We could have added another door sound at the end to really signal that people were suppoed to exit through the door.

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Promotional Video Project Synopsis and Storyboard

Collaborative project with Adekemi Sijuwade and Lin Zhang

In our globalized world, we constantly encounter communication challenges. We all have had disagreements in our personal and professional life. Increasingly, we meet and work with people who come from different background and cultures. How do we effectively talk with one another? We have a solution for you! Introducing Mindmailer - a easy solution to all of your communication problems! Just put a Mindmelder (pending) patch on, and you can be in sync with the people around you. This is our project idea - Mindmelder, a product for communication.

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Meteor Sunglasses

alt text I really love sunglasses, especially ones with colored lenses, so I thought this would be a good idea for laser cutting. I decided the lens part would be made out of acrylic; however, I had more trouble with sourcing parts for the temples (arms) and nose bridge. I found some sites online where I could order metal temples with hinges attached and also nose bridges with nose pads. Unfortunately they take at least over a week to ship, so that was not an option. Then, I realized I could take apart existing sunglasses and use the temples and nose bridge as long as they are connected by screws (and not soldering).

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Multiples: Chain Jewelry

I had strict time constraints this week for traveling for materials, learning skills, and constructing the objects, so I had to design my project around this scope. The objects had to be identical as per the assignment instructions; in addition, I wanted them to be able to combine together and work as well as function singularly.

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Soundwalk and Reading Reaction

Soundwalk Reaction

I did the Passing Stranger soundwalk on a sunny Tuesday afternoon. The tour is documentary style, detailing the history of East Village poets while grounding their work into the physical places they lived, collaborated, and performed.

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At first, I designed my concept around a bright light either inside of an empty plastic gallon water/milk jug or held directly against the outside. The main point was that the sharp LED light would be diffused by the frosted plastic of the standard jug.

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What is interaction?

Interaction is whenever a user does an action onto something (another user, a program, object, etc.) and receives meaningful feedback. There should be a loop in which the first user processes the feedback and then makes a decision and commits an action again. The feedback should be detailed enough that the user has to be mentally engaged to process it.

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